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We raise friendly Alpacas by interacting with them on a daily basis. We keep our animals close to our house in pens that are specially designed and cleaned on a daily basis. We also work closely with veterinarians from the University of Georgia to make sure our Alpacas are healthy and keep the stringiest standards of herd healthiness. If you are interested in one of our Alpacas feel free to contact us, or make an appointment to visit us.

My name is Luis Candelario and I am a Ph.D. in Wildlife Sciences from the University of Georgia, Athens. As a child I was always interested in wildlife and farm animals, which defined my passion for wildlife conservation in agricultural landscapes.

My ultimate goal in life is to promote the conservation of wildlife and plant species in all the ecosystems. I want people to recognize for themselves the impact of human behavior upon the ecosystems and its other inhabitant. I want to encourage humans to reflect upon what they already know and what they have learned and how they can help the future of many species that are in peril and the benefit and consequences of decision making in wildlife conservation.

Teaching is my passion, and the main reason that I loved teaching at such a great institution. I want to infuse people with my passion for wildlife conservation. I enjoy tremendously teaching groups about conservation in our world, and to truly be able to show them the circle of life. I hope that all my customers and friends when they get to know me get a deeper understanding of the underlying issues and a healthy skepticism and motivation to become stewards of this precious gift that we call wildlife and natural resources.

My wife Maria is a nurse by training and a wonderful mother. She helps me with farm chores and taking our children all over town for their own activities. “We raise animals for pleasure, and to give them a good home. Galotto Farm for us is not a business, but a way to teach other and enjoy.

Maria and Luis

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